1. Get in Contact

Please contact us and tell us about what you want to have done to your product. You will find information on how to contact us and what to include in your email here.

2. Decide on a design

We can aid in finding a design that fits into the environment of your B&O product. Everything from custom unicolors to color gradients to graphics and photographs is possible. If you wish, you can also send me a file you want printed on the cloth. 

3. Send us your speaker covers

We will examine all shipments for damage. If the cover has been damaged due to the removal, we will do our best to repair the damage.

4. We refurbish your cover

We will remove the old speaker cloth, then the custom cloth will be printed and fitted to your cover. Please understand that this process can take up to 7 working days.

5. We send your cover back

After we finished the work on your cover, we send it back to you. We only ship ensured and with tracking.