How can I pay?

Payment is possible via Paypal or transfer. Payment is only possible in Euros. 

How do I remove the covers from my speakers?

Removing the covers from your speakers is in most cases quite easy. However, if you are scared of doing it yourself, your local Bang & Olufsen shop can be of service. If you need assistance please contact us so we can send you the manual for the removal of your cover. 

For which countries do you offer this service?

We accept orders from all countries. However, please note that customs may apply. We are located in Germany. 

Why are the prices not cheaper?

It took us multiple tries to develop a proper technique, the materials used are not cheap and production is time intensive. For example, on average, it takes more than 3 hours to finish a pair of Beolab 8000s. The profits made will go to buying used covers to build up a stock. This will slimline the experience for customers by limiting the time they do not have their cover on their product. 

Does the change of fabric influence sound quality?

The fabric used is specifically designed speaker fabric with perforations to ensure good transmissibility. We were not able to hear a difference between the speakers with the original cloth and the refurbished versions. Keep in mind that on speakers with an acoustic lens the fabric does not cover the membrane emitting the high frequencies, so here the audible difference should be negligible, as the cloth really only reduces the intensity of high frequencies.